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XB 360 and street fighter 4


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I ended up purchasing an xbox arcade and a couple of games. Oddly enough for a current gen console I chose a few old school titles.

Who here plays street fighter 4? first time I played it and I have to say I am loving it. If you play the thing on xbox live hit me up gamer tag is pro troll. Don't forget to say g'day =D

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kk. if i got the chance to play, ill contact u. i once played this game but not now. my xbox got stolen. some dumbass must be relaxing himself with my xbox. i wanna cry....

damn that sucks, same thing happen to a friend of mine a few weeks back. bloody bastards!


i JUST got it today, gonna get my ass whooped

I wouldn't worry to much about having your ass handed to ya. I have not had the game to long myself and a few additional features that change the game have been added in the form of the ex moves and power breaker which can be used to absorb moves and break into combos.

Then I have the handicap of not being on an actual arcade stick and going from Gaystation to Xbox controller. Last time I used a xb controller was way way back on the original xb when it had that huge logo in the middle which made the controller rather chunky. I have to say I like and adapted to the 360 controller quicker than I thought I would.

I sooo want this baby Mad Catz sf4 stick

it pretty awesome and I have heard some good things on em. I have also seen some mad custom made sticks too. custome arcade sticks

So far sf4 is my fav game on the xb (I am not a huge fan of fps) and it takes me back to the many hours spent in the arcade parlors playing the older versions against people. Funny thing is some of the places I played had a certain etiquette when playing. The main one was no hitting the other if you make an opponent dizzy, which I still do on the xb version. lol guess I am still paranoid a horde of machete wielding Vietnamese people will be banging at my door screaming out I chop you DOH MAH!. Ah the good ol days.

Kind of off topic but the one thing I found out the other day which really annoys the crap out of me is the lack of mkv support on the current generation of consoles. As an anime fan it pisses me right off. I have a shit load of anime in this format and there is no way in hell I am re muxing it all just so subs will work on my xb. I did read you can stream the shit with media center but I have been having some issues setting it up, I always seem to get an invalid code (the pin for xb that is to be entered into the media center). 0_o weird. I think the shit does a network test in the process and my modded AP in client mode does some strange things some times. For example its online and the xb can go online but when I try to access the client mode ap's web gui it fails to load, nor can I ping. Mental piece of shit.

*turns on xb to add gcninja*

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