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Suggestion for Network setup.


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Older P4 based XPS

Mid-grade desktop running Windows7

Mid-grade laptop running Windows7 (connected via wireless-n)

PS3 (connected via wireless-n)

Network Printer

Linksys WRVS4400N router


I am wanting to buy a new iMac and turn the older P4 machine into a networked storage machine for common backup and video streaming to my PS3. I want to set the iMac and HP to automatically backup to the networked storage machine and have that machine automatically backup online via Cartographer. I also want all computers to have shared access to all media across the network.

My main question is would Windows Home Server be my best option as the OS for the networked storage machine for ease of use operation? If not what would you suggest?

Are there any other things to take into consideration for this task? Any other tips/suggestions anyone can offer? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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You could try FreeNAS for the networked storage machine, it should run great on your P4 machine.

I am not sure how you could stream video from it to your PS3 as I have never owned one. It would take care of the shared media issue.

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FreeNAS would be great for file sharing, but it probably wont work with the ps3. You could try a linux box with ps3 multimedia supprt (there should be at leased one app to do that XD )

Good luck

According the Great Google you can use freenas to stream to the ps3:


I use freenas at home on an old Dell Cpx laptop (500 MHz?). It streams to another computer just fine. It's very easy to set up. I just added a USB drive to it for extra storage and that was almost as simple as point, click, mount. It's also running a webserver and serving media and other things that way.

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Thank you all for your responses. I had a coworker suggest FreeNAS as well. And thank you Shonen, I will search the Hak5 episodes for that walk-through. I like to know what I'm doing before actually doing it if possible. :)

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Yeah I know what ya mean and it is helpful seeing it done prior to diving in. It can save a stack load of time and a few unneeded formats. =D

From memory the only tricky thing with freeNAS is mounting the drives. its a little obscure the first time around. I found this for you as well and it should help you out.


P.S: Save the documentation I had to do a re-install a few months later and I completely forgot how to do it and had a hard time finding the original .pdf file that covered a few of the extra changes in the config I needed.

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