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ipod nano 5th gen recdomendations


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i got a 16 gig ipod nano 5th gen for christmas.

ill cut to it. i want to load this thing up with "notes" as it puts it. i know how to get files on there. the main problem is they are limited to 4k in file size. this poses a problem because the files i want to put on my ipod vary greatly in size. i like to read short stories from various places (deviant art and others) and id like to take these with me

whats working with me

i know how to load files onto the ipod.

it supports file system so i can seperate stories with folders so splitting the files is no problem

whats irritating me:

i havent got the patience to sift through a large txt file and clip it off at 4k and make another.

i tried http://www.ipod-notes.com/ and while very helpful and fast.. it doesnt hold ANY formatting at all. .txt files dont have much formatting themselves but they hold onto new lines. meaning paragraphs (which are important for some stories). but http://www.ipod-notes.com/ cuts out the line breaks and squishes all the text together. making things harder to read.

can anyone suggest a site, program, string of code, etc, etc, etc that can split a large text file into a number of 4k character files and still maintain the line breaks?

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