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MyBB Ads Help?


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I'm running a MyBB forum and was wondering where to get a plugin that allows me to insert ad code every x posts. I've googled for days but the links I came across were either in a different language, or they just didn't work, giving me some MySQL error. The error is below if anybody knows anything about this:

MySQLi error: 1146

Table 'icedboss_wordpress.settinggroups' doesn't exist

Query: INSERT INTO settinggroups (gid, name, title, description, disporder, isdefault) VALUES ('NULL', 'Ads after first post', 'Ads after first post', 'Settings for the plugin.', '1', 'no');

Thanks for any help.

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Oh your in Michigan, and probuly the same guy who made the other spam threads on here I am guessing. I know Michigan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country (Besides my state), so good luck with getting your free notebook. Just please dont spam on *this* site..

If you really want to get one, try making a fake myspace account and get friendblaster pro torrent, then you can spam all day and try to get your free laptop (which will probuly be some kind of on-line ripoff scam) - i tryed it out and got something like 500 friends in one day. Keep doing that and then spam away lol you are not going to do very well trying to advertise your stuff like how you are doing here.

*takes black hat off*

good luck

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I'm not even advertising... I just asked about MyBB...

And I only made one thread that was considered 'spam', if even that.

Maybe craigslist can help... :blink:

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With the advertising yes probably, but I'm just asking about MyBB in this thread. I dont even know why advertising was brought up.

Maybe because your sig leads to ads, on top of the fact that you were asking about ads.

allows me to insert ad code
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