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Upload of /www/index.html

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hey dude have you tried

and once you get it working can you tell me what the jasager appears as in your available wireless network list ?

does it mimic your real wireless network or does it just say "Open WRT"

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I changed the wireless config file so that the used SSID is "Wifi". Before I did that it just stated "OpenWRT".

I tried to connect to This just tries to reconnect to which cannot be found (=> 404 Error). (I've accidentally copied the file /karma/www/index.html OVER /www/index.html i.e. I did NOT rename the old index.html to webif.html which is my problem).

That is why I am asking for someone to upload their original /www/index.html.

(An additional question: Are there any advantages if you use the Piranha firmware?)

Thanks in advance.


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Using either my firmware or the Piranha firmware makes it a lot easier, it just works.

I can't offer the original file but from memory, all it does is a javascript redirect to a file in cgi-bin. Look in /www/cgi-bin, pick a filename that looks good and browse directly to that, at some point you'll hit a page that gives you the webif menu.

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Ok, now I am really interested in getting Piranha installed. But it seems to be a little confusing in which packages I need. So I would really like to talk to somebody who has already successfully installed Piranha on their Fon.

I live in Germany so it could be hard to find the right time to meet.

Just post or mail me so that we can discuss this.

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