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Tryin to get some help

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This is a jasager issue that i hope will get more attention here.

I have a fon with the first version of jasager installed...it works ok.

Problem is the fon appears as "Open WRT" in the list of available networks and doesn't seem to mimic the local network's ssid.

If i force a connection to "Open WRT" on my laptop...i can still view traffic in the jasager gui, on my second laptop no problem.

I logged into webif and accessed the file editor thru x-wrt and removed the ssid "Open Wrt" and saved.

Rebooted the fon...and same problem.

Can anyone help me...i'm almost there...


ok i edited the /etc/config/wireless file and removed the ssid, so its blank.

now it appears in the available netorks as "other network"

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why did you make it blank ¿ this is the conection to access you router it should have a name It will have this conection available in the lists of networks. It basically has two network cards built in and one "OpenWRT" is to access the fon router the second network connection will be the one "mimicing" all other networks of your choice. to see if it is active make sure you conect to the routers interface and swith the KARMA button to ON

refresh the page and check the list of connected clients connect with another computer to a seperate wireless connection ( any other besides OpenWRT or in your case other network ) now refresh the jasager interface and see if you are in the connected clients list


if you are not in the list check the log on the page and read more about the funtionality of the whitelist/blacklist

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