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Lady Gaga Performance == Bioshock?


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Did anyone notice on the VMA's that Lady Gaga's papparazi performance had a whole shit-ton of references to bioshock? The first time I watched the video the first thing I thought was the masked girls on the game, and there were tons of detailed correlations..

Let me try to visually elaborate.(this may take me a while to finish this thread, so if you dont see any pix, then come back l8r)


Wheel Chair

Strung up

Now of course both her performance and the visual appeal of rapture shared that retro victorian/40's blended era of style, so maybe it's all just a big coincidence (actually most probably). Don't get me wrong, I highly doubt 2K games came up to her asking for some publicity, especially since Bioshock 2 is delayed for an indefinite amount of time, but just thought it was interesting. Maybe she is a fan?

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lol, i could'nt get my copy of bioshock to load properly, AND I did'nt feel like playing back through the game AND I could'nt find the pix I wanted of the game to show side by side...

Yah, maybe he/she is a shim, but face it.. you'd still hit it :P

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