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Good proxy lists


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Can anyone PLEASE recommend a good website that has working proxys preferably socks 5. A site that is updated often with new proxys, or even a program that I can use to scan for proxys myself and I will share them. I allready have TOR & Privoxy, Thanks in advance.

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Why dont I use a VPN..

Im kind of new to networking, and from what I understand a VPN is just a remote PC that I login to remotely and use it like it is my own? and the other other PC I would be able to use is on my same home network so it would have the same IP and network address. I also think i seen where you can buy VPN use, but its like 120$ a month for like 10GB a month bandwidth, or 60$ for 5GB, ect.. way too much $ for me..

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What about socks 5 proxy scanning programs? to find fresh proxys on my own, instead of relying on a site? I used to have a good one i forget the name e-pr0xy.something and wish i could find that link again..

or what about


Will my ISP get pissed off if i scan all the time for proxys? I mean, it cant be worse on bandwith and such as bittorrent traffic right?

I have no idea, if you have any good scanning programs I would appriciate any info, I heard something about accessdiver too which is suppose to scan ip's for working proxys, then check to see if they are anonymous, highly anonymous, elite, ect..

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Because I hear the TOR is not completely anonymous and can be used as an exit node, and that Socks 5 proxys are alot better and can also be used for Irc, incase I dont want everyone seeing what city im from for example some hostname like whatever@atlanta.roadrunner.com, ect.. is there a proxy more anonymous then socks 5?

or is that considered "elite"

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Kinda defeats the purpose to list proxies, once they are known they can be blocked :-(

why not use Tor, with Privioxy? Tor

Tor is slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww... but still if anonymity is the decider go with tor and only ssl connections (then even if the exit node is compromised they have to break ssl).

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