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README FIRST: Guides and Usefull Posts


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Since there's been so many new guides and useful posts coming about I think there are now too many to sticky them all separately, so I'm making this topic, with links to all the things people should take a look at before posting so only one post needs to be stickied.

How it all started!

Episode 524

Episode 524 Topic

Episode 602

Episode 602 Topic


[Guide] Making your USB Bootable - Psychosis

HOWTO: Boot Grub4Dos and Grub2 from one usb - nemesys

Multiboot LiveUSB (English) - TheHermit

[Guide] Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop from ISO - Psychosis

[Guide] Ophcrack Live 2.3.1 - Psychosis

[Guide] Changing the default Ophcrack tables directory - H@L0_F00 (HAL0_F00)

[Guide] Change the casper directory in Ubuntu (BT4) - H@L0_F00 (HAL0_F00)

[Guide] Windows PE - Psychosis

[Guide] Passwords in Grub4DOS - H@L0_F00 (HAL0_F00)

Rename, Move, or Remove "menu.lst" - H@L0_F00 (HAL0_F00)

Other useful posts

Test your Multipass in a Virtual Machine! - H@L0_F00 (HAL0_F00)

HOWTO: VirtualBox USB Testing on Linux Host - nemesys

Multiple Partitions on USB Multipass - Coreyja

PeToUSB Not Required - ArkNinja

Grub Menu Utility - Psychosis

The Definitive USBMultipass Config - Battosia83

Multipass Grub2 Config

Some GRUB2 References - numb3rs

Billix for linux multiboot - nullspace

Archlinux livecd that can be booted from iso - godane

Tools and files


Modified PeToUSB (reported to work with larger drives!)

grubinst and GRUB4DOS



I'll be updating this when more comes along so you might want to check back every so often. There's also no need to reply to this thread since I'll be actively updating it so please refrain from doing so in order to keep it neat and concise, thanks.

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Interesting, I noticed the threads were mostly all broken as well.

However, it looks like the site has a really smart URL auto-completion thing going on I haven't seen before.

You can mouse over the broken link and see the topic number.

Put the topic number in the URL and add a dash and forward slash.

Hit return.

The website autocompletes with the correct URL.

For example, broken link, first one under Guides:

[Guide] Making your USB Bootable - Psychosis

If you click on it you will get:

Broken Link: http://hak5.org/forums/?showtopic=14111

Mousing over it will also show the topic number

Now sub in the topic number and a dash and forward slash in the current url:



This will redirect to this:


Pretty neat.

For some reason


(without the dash at the end of 14111) doesn't work.

Have fun. Hope it makes sense.


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