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  1. Interesting, I noticed the threads were mostly all broken as well. However, it looks like the site has a really smart URL auto-completion thing going on I haven't seen before. You can mouse over the broken link and see the topic number. Put the topic number in the URL and add a dash and forward slash. Hit return. The website autocompletes with the correct URL. For example, broken link, first one under Guides: Guides [Guide] Making your USB Bootable - Psychosis If you click on it you will get: Broken Link: http://hak5.org/forums/?showtopic=14111 Mousing over it will also show the topi
  2. Not a big deal but some of the links on the Pineapple University Video pages link to the wrong videos. For example, Windows Internet Connection Sharing brings up Linux Internet Connection sharing video. Updates and Infusions brings up First Boot and Flashing Connect to a Nearby AP in Client Mode brings up Unboxing & hardware etc -e
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