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Block ads from gogole searches


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Someone figured out how to stop them from showing up in gmail by using keywords at the end of their emails. I noticed this method on lifehacker doesn't always work in the search engine itself though.


So after thinking about how google works, I remembered that you can use a negative, or minus sign to remove things from the resultes, like -htm -html -pdf, etc. If you add the phrase "-sponsored" without quotes at the end of any search, it removes the ads from the page.


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Interesting, but all it did for me was remove all but one sponsored link :/

Hmm, whenever I end a google search with -sponsored, it removes all the ads. It doesn't seem to work in the news section though. -links also works.

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Try Googling


I always test search hacks with general searches, not just specific ones.

Try this one:

games massacre

Niothings perfect, but it works most of the time, for me anyway.

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