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Wich progamming language ?


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Hi there!

So here's the deal, i have this project in mind that involves having a video stream with and HUD overlapping it (its basically a racing game) and my problem so far as been in finding the right language/library/toolkit to work with. Since im more comfortable with ruby i've tried every GUI toolkit for it, paid special attention to rubygame, Shoes and ncurses i have a working app for all of those but it looks way to hacky :> i want something a little better looking. So ... what to you guys recommend ?

These are the main requirements:

- Events, i need those to capture keypresses

- Video streaming support

- Nothing way to hard to learn

- I would prefer to work in Linux but ... if there is no other way ...

Thanks ;)

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I would look into LUA, World of Warcrap uses it, Xfire I beleive uses it so theres some real world implementations of it. This guy at work used to mess with it and hes a linux user so Im sure it works just fine in linux. I have never used it so no real details, just know its a language (or scripting).

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LUA is a scripting language, so you wouldn't really be able to program a game in it (as far as I know), I would seriously suggest to learn C++, not only is it an extremely versatile language, it is also the language for many Game Engines. Out of all the C++ Game Engines, I would recommend OGRE, due to the fact that it is simple, has great tutorials and resources and great community support. It will also run on Linux and Windows (I think Mac as-well, but I am unsure), and the code is really no different for each platform so you don't need to program a new game for each platform.

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