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Grub Splash Screens

Mike Chelen

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From S05E24:

When it comes to customizing Grub its simply a matter of creating a 640×480 – 14 color splash screen image. This is easy to accomplish with the Gimp. Once you’ve created a 640×480 image you can crunch the colors be selecting Image, Mode, Indexed and entering 14 ad the maximum colors. Save this file as a XPM, then gzip it. Copy the gz to the root of your USB drive and prepend “splashimage /image.xpm.gz” to your menu.lst file.

After all that work to make a USB multipass, why not spruce it up with a Hak5 boot splash image?

Follow the directions above to make an image in the proper XPM format, and Gzip it to use in Grub. Share it with fellow fans and say goodbye to the monochrome boot selector :D

Here are a few popular wallpapers converted for Grub:

Also available for download here.

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This is what I used as the basis of my custom GRUB splash screen on my Ubutnu/Win dual booting laptop (looks like crap in 14 colors, though).


Bill looking mad sexy

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I didn't make it but I found this and I find it quite nice and simple, just what I wanted :)


you can find a bunch more here

I'm having problems with using any kind of color specifications when using a splash image though :/ Anybody else having these problems or know how to get around them? Neither the "color" nor the "foreground" commands work

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