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  1. Here's a link to it, for those having trouble finding it (can also be found other places on the web): http://freedomisnothingtofear.com/th28gaa1g.txt Most of it is snide commentary, insults, and a metric sh*t-ton of dumps from the shell command history, ls, the shadow file, and other "trophies"....including that dump of every login attempt to the forum made while these asshats were MitM'ing it. EDIT: Something keeps changing the link when I try to type it and post it here.............it's "www.freedomisnothingtofear.com" then a "/" then "zf0.txt"
  2. This is what I used as the basis of my custom GRUB splash screen on my Ubutnu/Win dual booting laptop (looks like crap in 14 colors, though). Bill looking mad sexy
  3. Look at the article about the hak5 attack that was just published in zf0, issue 5. It doesn't matter that the passwords were stored hashed and salted...the attackers were sniffing them in real-time whenever someone tried to authenticate at the login page through some SSL exploit. I found my own info amidst the pages and pages of password dump: three different login attempts I made one day when trying to login to the forums. Attacks like this make hashes, salting, and strong passwords meaningless (passwords were pretty meaningless already).
  4. I'm still pursuing the CEH cert. Still don't have a chance in hell of getting the company to pay for the bootcamp (though I did try out for the CEH web course contest TheAcademyPro.com had), so I applied for the self-study option and got my eligibility number...haven't scheduled yet. Got the ExamPrep book, which had better reviews on Amazon than even the official course material . Don't know when the hell I'll get enough to finish studying and take the exam. I'm pretty swamped right now with an ISO 27001 project where I'm the only guy whose ever even touched it and the rest of the team is clueless.
  5. 25A...but National Guard, not active duty. Nowadays, your old MOS (now called 25F) is in pretty high demand with a hefty bonus. Wanna re-enlist? ;) I don't think it's as bad as 25B though...active duty Army is hurting for them so bad that we can't even slot anyone for it for the next year. For any non-military following this convo: 25A - Signal Officer 25F/formerly 31F - Net. Switching Systems Operator 25B - Info Systems Operator
  6. Weird coincidence...someone at the office was just discussing this (stealing info off RFID credit cards). Makes me glad all mine are just magnetic strip...hell, I have a hard enough time keeping those from getting stolen! Seriously, I have three cards that got compromised....a Mastercard that got compromised when the Heartland Systems breach occured and two Visas (one debit, one credit) that each had funny charges made to them and I got replaced, all in the last year! I'm not sure if it was one of my machines (doubtful, I run Linux) or my girlfriend's machine (Conficker'd a few months back, reinstalled the OS), but somebody must've had a keystroke logger on it or else I bought from some vendor that was compromised.
  7. Very true...I get a free business infosecurity mag called SC Magazine. Most of it's already out of date by the time it hits my mailbox.
  8. Forgive the n00bness, but what are those?
  9. I recently started pouring through all those old 80's-90's hacker ezines (back from the ol' BBS days). Phrack, LoD Technical Journal, etc. It's a very cool glimpse into the history of computer security, blackhatting, etc. http://www.textfiles.com/magazines/ has a huge archive of all these old ezines.
  10. Agreed! Like that ridiculous news story about the "dangerous hacker group Anonymous" when all they are are a bunch of 4chan dorks who grief on Habbo Hotel
  11. I just got the lolz reading that garbage "manifesto" they posted! I read between the lines and this what I got out of it: "Full disclosure and whitehat hacking is bad because it makes systems too secure, too many script kiddies steal the headlines from us (the REEEAAAL h4x0rs), and it makes it too hard for us to set up spam botnets and sniff credit card numbers off people's eBay accounts. The world needs to return immediately to security via obscurity and closed source so we can keep blackhatting with less effort." What a bunch of back-asswards, contradictory BS! We're protesting whitehatters' irresponsible and destructive practices..........by committing irresponsible and destructive acts...
  12. GREAT points, all of you! There are absolutely NO good reasons this data should be going home with NG employees. Vako, you're right on the mark about the reasons why these users are taking laptops home with them. Sure, it's just a Guard laptop, so identity theft is the worst risk. But it's still scary to think this sort of thing has happened multiple times in just a few years with MILITARY laptops!
  13. :lol: That would be why South Korea would be threatening to launch missiles......at Blizzard Entertainment HQ in Irvine, CA. North Korea would be lucky to even have Scorched Earth on DOS.
  14. So, for the third or fourth time in two or three years, I get a letter from my state's National Guard (not the state I live in, so Illinois is off the hook) telling me that YET AGAIN they've lost a ton of Soldiers' data! YAY! And it was the exact same fuggin' situation as the last two or three..........some dipsh*t who works for the Guard or DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) went home with his company laptop, left it in his car overnight, and someone ganked it. Especially funny that I got this letter right after watching the Hak5 episodes on hard drive encryption and cold boot attacks. The letter doesn't go into any technical detail, just tells me my data (and that of most of the other commissioned officers in this state's National Guard) was on the stolen device, put fraud alerts on your credit report, etc. etc. etc. How many times is this shot of shite going to happen before they just outright ban employees from taking laptops home!?!? I'm not aware of anyone in the NG who works from home, anyway. I just hope to God they encrypt all their devices' hard drives. I have drill this weekend and my company commander is a full-time sysadmin for the Guard, so I'll try to find out. In the meantime, hope nobody's out buying a house in my name...
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