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Multipass USB


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Darren mentions in this episode that if the PE to USB application complains about the drive being unable to dismount because of size, you need to format it with Windows to FAT32. But he never specifies to do this before or after using the application. That seems like a stupid question because why would you format it to FAT32 after using the tool and not before? Well because something happens if you do it before. I popped in the drive, went to Disk Management, formatted the drive to FAT32, ran the tool, and instead of getting the original error I got something like "Cannot Dismount" which is different from the generic error message I got the first time. So I'm like, hm, maybe you're supposed to format it after using the tool? But that doesn't make any sense.

Anywho, I'm twisting myself in knots trying to figure out the correct procedure here, help would be appreciated. Thanks

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