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  1. I'm doing some tech support for someone and their system is pretty fucked up. He removed the virus causing it to crash on his own but there is a significant amount of spyware and shit slowing it down still. I ran Trinity but it turned up empty handed. I need something that will sweep the widest possible range of malware possible. Thanks.
  2. Suggestions on tools for imaging? I think I'm gonna go that route even though it is a pain in the ass. Also, "SomethingToChatWith" can you elaborate on the process you just described? How do you install Trinity to the virtual disk and then copy off the files? That seems confusing to me, or maybe I'm just not understanding it right.
  3. Well I don't really want to erase everything I've done so far in order to do it. I'm gonna try booting the iso file from grub and see if that doesn't work.
  4. In the episode Darren and Shannon created a bootable USB key and then took the files it creates and puts them on the multipass boot key. The problem is that I don't have more than one USB key so I need to do this process without the use of a second key. Any suggestions?
  5. Darren mentions in this episode that if the PE to USB application complains about the drive being unable to dismount because of size, you need to format it with Windows to FAT32. But he never specifies to do this before or after using the application. That seems like a stupid question because why would you format it to FAT32 after using the tool and not before? Well because something happens if you do it before. I popped in the drive, went to Disk Management, formatted the drive to FAT32, ran the tool, and instead of getting the original error I got something like "Cannot Dismount" which is different from the generic error message I got the first time. So I'm like, hm, maybe you're supposed to format it after using the tool? But that doesn't make any sense. Anywho, I'm twisting myself in knots trying to figure out the correct procedure here, help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. The dude above me has the right idea. Turn off your access point when you're not using your laptop. Then go wired for all other connections.
  7. I didn't read the article in its entirety so I don't know if they are going legitimate and purchasing rights to the music they are selling or not, but even if they do that, they won't have enough customers who want to pay for the service. Probably on the ends of 90% of the people who use PB just use it cause it doesn't cost anything. If they start charging, they'll move somewhere else.
  8. Dude, im not talking about the flash player...have you ever played around with Photoshop CS4? You can do really amazing things with it. Especially if you have the whole adobe suite, which has Light Room, InDesign, and a bunch of other applications that, in the right hands, can be used to produce really stunning works of art.
  9. You can say whatever you want about Adobe as a company but they make great products.
  10. I did say potentially running exploits against machines on the network, and maybe you're right, maybe it's so ungodly that I would even think about doing such a thing for the sake of learning. I don't have access to tons of networking equipment and tons of other computers to set up networks. I have a laptop, a desktop, my dad has one desktop, and we have one older box I use as a server. Did I say anything that remotely sounded like "OMGG need l33t haX0r to helpp me hax dis guy whoze bein a douche!@!" ? No. I just said I would like to be pointed in the right direction to resources that would help me understand network structure and how to go about exploring. What the hell is wrong with that? By the way, it's really not good to make generalizations. You think I don't do homework or something just because I'm on a hacking forum asking, what you thought, was a childish request? I am an A+ student and I have a job and many other responsibilities that require a decent amount of energy to manage. Maybe you shouldn't immediately "ass"ume that you know what kind of person I am. All I was looking for was direction to books/articles/etc that talk about network infrastructure and network reconnaissance.
  11. Not sure if this was pointed out in the thread but many artists such as Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead are completely against artists suing people just to make a quick buck. They have repeatedly expressed their frustration when they see other multi-million dollar artists suing people because they feel their rights are being violated. They have plenty of money and now their only wish is to share their musical creations with the world. That is the definition of a true artist. Now I have a much different view when it comes to starving artists, the guys who really do struggle to make ends meet in an effort to produce music. I have no problem buying CDs from them and have done so countless times, although I rarely buy from retail outlets such as Best Buy and prefer to buy directly from the artist's website (if possible) because they get more of the profit from that sale. Some people really are strapped for cash but love a particular artist. It sickens me to think that it's a crime to enjoy music without paying for it, especially if you legitimately don't have enough money to pay for all the music you like. I've done calculations to figure out how much it would have cost me to purchase my entire music collection, and the results are not pleasing. I have 12,500+ songs in my library and if I paid a dollar each for those songs, I would have spent over 12,000 dollars for my collection. That just seems a criminal amount to charge for music. I am most definitely in favor of a service where you pay a flat rate and have access to all the music you desire. If a service like that was done correctly (which will happen eventually, no matter what), it could be fare to both artists and consumers.
  12. Super cool. The reason why I love hackers (most of them), is because they're not hypocritical. Instead of trying to come off as "do gooders," they put their efforts into charity and community projects and don't expect to be praised for it. They see the value in community projects and a lot of times have personally benefited by community effort and give back willingly. This is really something special and it's really great to see this happening. Sorry for getting all emotional and shit about it but this really awesome and I'll definitely be checking out the course.
  13. Since when does the definition of security entail complete and utter isolation from all other connected systems? It's about setting up the best practices to keep what you don't want out and allowing access for what you do want. You're trying to sound all philosophical and it didn't work. Although I know what you're talking about, in fact I don't know where I heard it (mentioned somewhere in 2600 I believe), but the article said the most secure system is the one a thousand feet underground, not connected to anything, encased in a foot of concrete. The system doesn't do you much good since you have no ability to access it. Apply best practices to keep your network safe and remember there is no way to protect yourself against every single type of attack, it's not worth the effort especially when you're just talking about network security because it's not worth losing (exorbitant) amounts of sleep over. If someone is so totally dedicated about breaking into my home network and spends days, maybe even weeks planning an attack...I would be quite flattered that they think my data is that damn important.
  14. I just think that all of you are getting a little carried away with the "what ifs." What if a nuclear bomb hits the U.S. right now? We would all be dead. Is it likely to occur, even given the state of world security? No. The chances of a nuclear explosion happening without any warning are still very slim. What if I get arrested for mapping out poor, innocent Barnes and Noble's hotspot? I might spend the night in jail, or they might have a little talk with me and send me on my way. Is it even likely that they would care about me mapping their fucking network? The manager at the book store probably wouldn't even know what the hell that means let alone care. I want to poke around a book store hotspot big freakin deal, are you all seriously gonna play the card of "oh well technically under article blah blah blah of this law that particular action is illegal?" Did you know that that "[in Utah] adultery, oral and anal sex, and masturbation are considered sodomy and can lead to imprisonment. " So if I lived in Utah and you caught me masturbating are you seriously gonna call the cops on me?
  15. The RIAA's lawsuits are ineffectual. They have attempted to sue thousands of people out of existence and have failed in almost every case. In fact, there is only one single case involving hundreds of thousands of dollars that I have heard of going through. If they decide to sue me for misuse of a public wifi hotspot, who gives a shit. Oh wow, I now have a police order saying I'm not allowed within 1000 feet of any public hotspot... so that would basically mean I can't go into any Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, and like a million other restaurants that have public wifi. You think such a court order would ever go through? Doubtful. Stop with this far fetched nonsense. I am aware people do get sued for ridiculous things involving technology, but most of the time (RIAA lawsuits as an expample), they don't go through. The legal system may be fucked up in America, but a good percentage of judges are smart enough not to send someone to prison for downloading a couple songs off their favorite Britney Spears album. By the way, "Sparda" I think your information is a little out of date. Sure they are always sending out cease and desist letters to people guiltily of pirating music but as I said the number of those lawsuits that make it to trial is astronomically small.
  16. And can you be so helpful as to tell me when someone would actually press charges against you for mapping their hotspot? I doubt that is a common occurrence.
  17. It would be hard for me to believe that no one else here has explored a network other than their own. What happened to the hacker community? When did everyone become so prude? I'm not even interested in disrupting traffic just in mapping and discovery.
  18. I don't know why people are bashing 2600. Sure things in the security field can literally change overnight, but the principles don't. And even if the exact same exploit doesn't work by the time you attempt it, chances are you can find something similar to what was described in the article you wanted to try. Though I have been frustrated a couple different times when I came across something I really wanted to try myself, but the hole had already been fixed.
  19. I'm not doing this analysis for financial gain and I don't have any nefarious intentions in mind, it's just a little exploration. Calm down. I realize breaking encryption is illegal, but how is scouting an ATT wifi hotspot illegal? There is nothing you have to sign to gain access to it, you simply connect. No terms of service agreements that I could see on the portal page. But even if there was, it doesn't matter because I'm not using the internet. Everything that is being transmitted between the clients and that access point is out in the open for anyone with a wireless card to see. That is not illegal.
  20. I'm also looking for an update guide on pulling off DNS tunneling because the way that Mubix explains it in the episode I referenced earlier no longer works because godaddy has since changed their interface and validates all name servers before submitting the changes. So if you have another way to achieve DNS tunneling that would be swell. Thanks, Zach
  21. Ok so, I am a long time watcher of the show and although I have played around with breaking WEP encryption on some neighboring access points and only briefly poking around in there, I don't have a whole lot of experience with network analysis. So I decided I would download Back Track 4, throw it on a DVD and head over to Barnes and Noble to scout around their network and see what I could find. And what I did find, was disappointing. First of all, although the network itself is unencrypted, just connecting to an ATT hotspot does not give you access to the internet. I'm not sure what they use to achieve this. I remember seeing an episode in which Mubix did a piece about tunneling DNS and he said the one prerequisite was you needed to be able to ping a website and get a response. I pinged google.com...no response. The thing is, I'm not so interested in having access to the internet, just in identifying hosts on the network and running some potential exploits against them, or just saving the entire session the a capture file. I would totally appreciate being pointed in the right direction so I could find some entry level information on the topics I just talked about. I'm not looking for a handout or anything just some help is all.
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