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Might not be a radio show tonight

Darren Kitchen

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I had said last week that we would do another improv radio show tonight on hak5radio for #hak5, but that may not happen now.

I work 150 miles from home. I go to the office once a week. Today I took my motorcycle to work since my car is broken :(. It's supposed to thunderstorm until Wednesday. I'm trapped at my office and have no clue when I'll be able to ride home. This sucks.

So yeah, don't count on the "Up Way Too Late with Darren Kitchen" show tonight. Then again if I somehow make it home before 2am it should at least be a very interesting show :)

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You should be able to ride home safetly on a bike as long as you wait out the first 20 minutes of the rain (so the oil on the road settles) and if you hit a strong section while riding, just sit under an overpass and wait it out.

Personally, I think driving in storms on a motorcycle is fun. But then again I'm an idiot.

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Well I made it home safe so looks like we'll go through with the show after all.

I left the office at 3:00pm but the roads were flooded. I then waited until 5:00 and got home in 4 hours (which normally takes 2 hours). It wasn't that bad, but I feel like a soaked sewer rat.


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Ya, the thing that scares me most about being on a motorcycle on the road, is not yourself, but the other drivers and how muc of idtiots they can be.

Most certainly. There have been tons of times where some oblivious soccer mom pulls out in front of me because she refuses to pay more attention to her driving and instead, continues to lipsink to bon jovi or whatever shitty music they listen to while taking little Timmy and Sally to practice.

Thank god for oversized disk-brakes.

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