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XBMC Scripts

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As some of you may know, when you update to the newest version of xbmc, 90% of your scripts no longer work. I plan on changing that and fixing some of them. If you would like one fixed, let me know, and I will work on it. They will all be posted as an updated version from me, on my server located here: Link. If you want to make a request, email he: Link with the subject as xbmc script update and the body as the link to the file. You will receive a followup with a link to the server saying that it has been updated. I have already updated and modded the old Rev3 Script 0.1.9. I now have a Rev3 0.2.0 From me located in the Script repository on my server.

Script Repository: Link

I know it's a bit bare. If you have trouble with the mime types, and it is only sending you to a page of crap, press backl and right click, and hit save as.

More updates to come!

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