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Hak 5 CSS Gaming Server

PC 349bds

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Well, I am now managing the CSS server now. And there is some cool new stuff I want to tell you guys about.

Ok one of the new coolest things I added was real stats. Its not live stats more of every 30min or so.

You can find the stats page over at http://www.devildogs0311.com/gamestats/HAK5/ I plan to reset them at midnight tonight. (the old stats do not have all the data need in them)

Also there is a unified bans list that can be found at http://www.devildogs0311.com/bans/

Anyone with opp on the steam group will be getting admin on the server.(I am getting you steam ID from your profiles)

If there are any map you guys would like please let me know. you can pm me here or pm me at my site you see above both work.

Hope to see you guys in game.

Also please remember to join the steam group. You can find that over at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hak5

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you could do http://hak5lan.squarespace.com/tournament-signup/ but as of yet i have not received a list from anyone on who to let in and who not. So long as your not on the bans list and you don't have dum cheats on its first come first served. Excluding all of the cast, all cast accounts have been given priority join.

Some commands you mite like to know before joining. These are to be put in chat (chat key is Y)

!quake // lets you set your quake sounds like female , male or off (default is off)

nominate // lets you nominate a map for RTV

rtv // lets you Rock the vote if you dont like a map you can say so by typeing this in chat

//enter these in line by line in ~ . this will let you use all talk and talk to the server even if it is off. (on this server only)

alias +alltalk "+voiceall; +voicerecord"

alias -alltalk "-voicerecord; -voiceall"

bind <key> +alltalk

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Thanks for taking care of the server today! We <3 you!

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It was a fun time even with the low turn out =( 48 players came out. with a max out of 14 players on at one time. but averaged more of 4 players for the day. The server is sill up and the name is changing to

DM|Random Maps|66tick|Free Admin|Hak5.org|Community Server

Hopefully this will help the server get players in it and make it a popular server. If I am permitted I will add it to the network of servers I am starting And get players out and on the server.

Right now I am going to give my groups servers some love and get them running in full force. Then come back to this please feel free to pm me on here , my forums , or on steam if there is a map that you would like to be on the server.

Also if you have opp or admin on any part of hak5 and you would like admin in the servers just pm me and I will set it up.

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