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rar problem


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Not come across this before. Have Dld'd some files and tried unpacking them with winrar.

Files are something.r00 .....something.r01...........etc............to something.r12

Have done a crc check usng the sfv file . tried starting the unpacking with something.r00(as there is no something.rar file) an keep geting the error message:"You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack something.r00"

done google search and the closest thing I acn get to explaining the process is this link:http://www.jtpfxp.net/nfosfvrar.htm

but from this I seem to be doing nothing wrong .

any help appreciated.

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Its either an incomplete archive, corrupted or someone made a fake rar in hopes of you downlaoding it. Try redownloading it. Did the site offer an MD5 hash so you could verify the exact contents of the file?

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those are usually just parts of the rar file.

The file that was rar-ed and that you want should be in the archive. All you should need to do is extract it.

Like you said, those are parts of the file. As in, there are multiple rar files, r00, r01, r02, etc, that make up the final archive. If anyone of them is missing, the whole archive extraction fails. You often see this with warez and torrents.

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