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Thermal Paste


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Hey, guys I am buying a Q6600 and was wondering about the right thermal paste. I do have a tube of Arctic Silver 3, but I thought about buying a new tube of Arctic Silver 5 or Shin-Etsu X23-7783D. The question is will the Arctic silver 3 do the job or should I purchase some new compound?

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Honestly the ceramic based thermal paste that comes with the cpu cooler will be fine. Unless you plan on overclocking the stock fan and thermal paste that comes with intel cpus will be fine. And if you do plan on overclocking the stock thermal paste that comes with aftermarket coolers will be fine also. It is more effective if you keep the air around your computer cool. Also cpu are built very resilient and all now have safety measures to prevent overheating.

But if you insist on getting thermal paste why not bling out your pc with some IC Diamond 7 carat :P. No seriously carbon has very good thermal conductivity.

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Well, I am ordering an OEM Q6600 so it's not going to come with the crappy heatsink. Although the thermal paste has net set on it I still have my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. Which is not the best but it keeps the idle and the load temps down. I have never seen the need to overclock. With my luck I would probably fry the sucker and that would be $192 down the drain.


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