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Hak.5 Now Officially Off Limits


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this is crazy. i cant belive they would filter your mobile data. i mean i could understand if its a minor and they filtered maybe pron sites or something but even still i think this is crazy. and dont worry, the US govt is trying hard to take control of our internets so they can keep us nice and brain washed like north korea, china, and soon to be aussies and their hardcore web nonsense.

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I don't think this is a plan for censoring the internets en mass, i think its is purely something to allow people to stop little timmy doing anything untoward with there shiney new iphone. Its quite simple to remove if you are over 18.

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Yeah, Hak5 (among others) where blocked on my iPhone with O2, but I connect to a VPN anyway so it isnt an issue for me.

It also isnt a consipiracy to censor the internet, its these companies trying to block bad content, but cannot really tell if a site is good or bad so take it at face value. Hak5 at first sounds like a bad hacker community but it is a good hacker community. They cannot tell that if they have thousands of sites to check.

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