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Inject Ads into hotpsots

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I would just put it through a server that shoves a frame around it, sort of like that damn surfcontrol (RAWR!) does.

I'd like to see if you would break free with that scheme, are there any Starbucks near where you're setting it up? (I hear Starbucks has free Wi-Fi in the US of A)

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Seems interesting but I have a point to make about the adverts.

Most advert providers such as Google Adsense forbids injecting or overlaying adverts on proxified pages so you cannot insert google ads or risk suspension of your account and loss of your money. Check out some of the current web proxies (the get around work filter ones) and notice none of them have google adverts on their proxy pages. Their rule on proxies would apply to you as it is essentially what your doing.

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the other solution is to use squid proxy which caches data so it reduces the processing power needed... squid is real easy to work with.

another way would be to reroute them though apache straight and use a rewrite script to just change every adsense ads ID number to your own... actually you could do the same thing with squid

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