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  1. Hmmm, now one more question and I'll be set to go. Does ot matter what sort of transistor I use? As long as they are bipolar NPN transistors like specified, it doesn't matter what make they are. That's right isn't it?
  2. I have all the components except the 3 transistors and all the pitch changing resistors. I'm gonna go get the transistors from the local store this weekend. Also what about when they are polarised, would it be alright to use non-polarised caps?
  3. There is a reason that they block stuff on school computers. That reason is: School computer labs are not an internet cafe, they are for school work. The same goes for a library. If you want to play WoW, play it at home.
  4. So far all you people have come up are temporary solutions, what if I or someone else getting spam wants to receive other pms? I'm saying that we need a long term, permanent solution.
  5. Someone had already done that it would seem, as the person who had sent me the pm got banned before I read the messages. What I want to know is if there are any measures taken to stop his from happening in the future.
  6. I have found 2 PMs in my inbox with a link saying "new forum rules" and "project news" I realised that these weren't legitimate, as they were from banned users, so someones complained about it already. The website they point to is: http://nemf.ru/ By doing a quick Google of the url I came up with several other forums having people send them the same pms. It would seem to be a fake pharmaceutical company run by some Ivans with links to the Russian Mafiya. They are posing as a Canadian Pharmacy. The website now only shows up with a 502 error. Is there anything that we can do to stop these spammers?
  7. I am currently in the process of making a very retro analog synthesiser from a set of plans I got from a 1970 hobby electronics book. The plan uses no ICs but has some obscure parts, but I think they are replaceable. The plan calls for paper capacitors, but I couldn't find any lying around in my electronics stuff, so I am using tantalum and oil capacitors instead, would these work fine? They are the right voltage rating and everything. The other obscure thing in the plans is the values of the capacitors. The ones that I can't find that it calls for are: 0.5uf, 50uf, 0.25uf, 0.12uf, and maybe a 4uf, but I think I may have one. Do any of you think that it would be acceptable to use the nearest substitute? e.g. 0.47uf, 0.22uf, 0.1uf. If any of you want to look at the plans, I'll post them up for you. A build diary will go up as soon as I actually get all the parts together. Once I've finished I plan to amend the plans and release a modern version.
  8. It would seem that I have to get that nifty looking XVI32 program. Then when I'm bored and decide to open up exes it will at least be slightly legible.
  9. Yeah, it would be a bad idea to put the footage on a website. . . Even if it is secure and you need a password to get in. If people can get into the Hak5 forums, they can get into some website set up by you.
  10. Gah, GPS. You shouldn't be using US military owned systems. Also, would you happen to have a map in there as well?
  11. Since I am lazy and have not read your code, I shall ask some questions. Did you use that cool module to open web pages and then put it into a text file, then later check the website again and dump it in a file or something and compare them? Then did you use that other cool email module to send it to an email address if it's different? If that's not how you did it, then I'm gonna make one like that.
  12. I would just put it through a server that shoves a frame around it, sort of like that damn surfcontrol (RAWR!) does. I'd like to see if you would break free with that scheme, are there any Starbucks near where you're setting it up? (I hear Starbucks has free Wi-Fi in the US of A)
  13. I don't shut my computer down, my mum comes by and turns it off at the wall, it's very convenient, but annoying, since I usually have it left on compiling maps and curing cancer. Also you could just press the power button on the front, or get an extremely annoying keyboard with shutdown and sleep buttons on it. Generally us people have show hidden files set to on, so hiding doesn't do anything except make it slightly transparent.
  14. Does it have to be proportional or not? If it doesn't, go for something like an H-bridge, if I remember correctly, there is a way to make a proportional speed controller using an lm-386 opamp or an octal buffer chip, I was reading up about it from a book in the public library. I'll see if I can find it again.
  15. How do you plan on launching it, or how did you launch it? Any website that we can go to for us non USAians to look at it?
  16. I would highly recommend that you look at this website: www.rctankcombat.com I'm a member of their mailing list, we are a group of people who make 1/6th scale, paintball firing tanks. Then we go and have battles with them.
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