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  1. These might help you: http://xkcd.com/627/ & http://tinyurl.com/22lf4yh
  2. I too use NetMiner. I also use Net Witness. You can also load Pcap's into Cain if I'm not mistaken...
  3. I was excited, I wanted to know how to get the wifi key.... I just added slurping of outlook files today & wanted something new to tinker with.
  4. I'm actually looking to do that soon, just need to find a cheap USB Key
  5. Awesome find, I'm downloading the multi-dvd now...
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to see what everyone kept in their Backpack. Tools, utilities, software ect. Here is a rundown of mine: Laptop (obviously) PC Repair kit (Few Screw Drivers & things) Networking kit (Cable Tester, Wire stripper, Crimper, Caps, you get the idea) Few extra ethernet cables Patch over cable adapter extra NICs WIFI Locator Couple of USB cables Beige box Extra long phone cord Ultimate Boot CD for Windows BT4 extra cdr's I think that's everything, so what do you have?
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