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Should I send it in?


Should I Send it in  

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Well, my AAO is being odd, i hadnt used it in a day or so and just left to charge. I took it to work and booted it to find that i shut off about two minutes in, windows was booted and all.

I did this three times and it still did it. So i said shit and packed it away. on my break i tried again and it did the same thing so i plugged it in and tried it and STILL nothing. so i wondered if it was windows. so i went into bios and just left it alone and it did it again. so i packed it away and left it.

Im at home now and plugged it in and booted it and its WORKING now. But should I still send it in? Its still under warrenty but im wary beacuse i sent in my gfs AAO and now im running in circles becuase i have to file a stolen police report and everything and its been abotu a month so...is it worth it or should i leave it?

The ONLY thing i can think of is because before i left to work, we lost power for about 10secs but it was off.

and if you want i will elaboate on the stolen story.

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see if it works after a week or so. If it is bring it to a computer store and have the main parts looked at. Maybe something is burnt out you just don't know it. If it isn't copy the files you need to another computer or USB drive and send it in. If you really need it call the company it's under warrenty for and ask them how long it will take. You can base decision off of that.



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