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Firefox or other browsers wont let me add .com


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For some strange reason all my browser wont let me add .com after google. Everytime I add .com at end of google it adds .se or se. Swedish and spainsh. I have tried it in firefox, explore, opera and others. Little confused. Is it a virus or setting on computer. Thanks for the help.

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I believe that google redirects you to your national homepage depending on the location of your external IP. Its most likely that, don't you have a radio button on the homepage to select searching the whole web rather than location based?

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Doesn't google automatically redirect you based on either your country default language selected for your operating system, or two, when you go into google preferences, you can specify what language to search in by default. Is google the only site doing redirects? If so, go into the preferences in google and see whats selected.


Select your language or country whatever and save changes.

Also, check your hosts file. Maybe you did get some malware or something changed your default DNS servers.

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