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16gb Flash Drive Issue-u3 related


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Hoping someone can explain this to me of what it is that's going on here.

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 16GB USB U3 Smart drive. I ran the u3 uninstaller (U3Uninstall.exe) that I got from u3's site, and did that with no problems. I even reformatted the drive again myself manually within windows. (XP Pro fully updated, etc.)

The problem I'm having here is that in explorer, the flash drive is showing up 1 drive letter "over", than what it should be. For instance, using the u3 system normally, you would have the cd system show up as drive E and then the writable portion F.

Well, even though I got rid of u3, reformatted the drive and all of that, when I plug it in, it still shows up as drive F. - It is still "skipping" a drive letter, even though I turned it into a normal flash drive again.

Why is this?

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Why does it matter? Your PC assigns the device a drive latter based on the type of hardware and available port. You plugged it in when it still had the CD portion on it originally, it probably has reserved that address for a removable cd-rom, but you can always manually assign an available letter to a drive other than the C drive.

While mounted, go into the control panel, adminstrative tools, computer management, then disk managment. Click on a drive and assign it a drive letter that is not in use.

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