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c++ compiler


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im looking for a c++ Compiler that some one has used and finds


also if u have any other compilers that are good post those

but thanks for making a useful contribution to the hak 5 knowledge database

aka(the forums)

if i wanted a bunch of shitty options i would simply Google free c++ compiler

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DingleBerries has a good point. Google obviously does not give you bad answers because those are the most common links picked. Also the more specific you get the better results you get (just something to keep in mind). If your on osx I use xcode. It is an extremely easy gui and very scriptkiddie. If your more of a terminal guy. I am pretty sure you can do it through terminal, but it can be confusing (which is why I choose to use a program). Good luck with whatever your doing!



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I use Microsoft's Visual Studio Express (I know it's the whole IDE not just the compiler) I use it simply because I was taught Basic on Visual Studio and I needed a cheap(it's free actually) IDE to work with and I know my way around on it. Obviously Windows only. But if I was on a Mac I'd use xcode too.

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Another great compiler is Bloodshed Dev-C++

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