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Securing a system after format


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Right i always forget a few things when doing a fresh install and seen as im not an expert at seruring a system i was hoping people could write up what they change from default, stating if its on vista or xp as i use both for different things.

I have a few programs that do certain things.. But not that well..

I am hoping to make a write up on this (which i will post up for people to download and keep)..

well i think its a good idea, and helpful to me


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A good Antivirus that you didnt download from tpb. NOD32 is really good. I dont know of any programs that can do what iptables does for linux, because im not a windows user, but something like that for a good firewall. Turn off services you do not need. Disable javascript in Adobe and everything elese for that matter. Do not run as Admin. Dont download warez. Thats all i can think of. I never really had problems with virii when i used windows but just use common sense. If you download a hack tool from a h4k3rz website then, yeah its probably back doored. Use the tried and true programs.

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Great start thanks, i dont use antivirus as i can check files manualy, never liked them as they dont detect half of what they should, anyone can hex a detection out of a file with no source.

i use this program

NVT Windows Securer

Reduce your chances of becoming the victim of an intrusion! Secure your Windows now! NVT Windows Securer is a program that will inform you about your windows security status. It will show you if your system may be vulnerable from external intrusions, will suggest you what you should do. You will be able to enable and disable services, remove files that are allowed in Windows Firewall, monitor status of your windows security, secure DCOM, control HOSTS (etc\hosts) file, manage Services, and many other things. For Frequently Asked Questions read the Readme.txt


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I would have to say Start with Ct' offline update before connecting your computer to the network is important.

Then a good hosts file which the windows securer program manages for you.

Other then that a good antivirus is helpful

And there is never a replacement for a smart user. (in other words you mom will always find a virus no matter what you put on her computer)

I presumed you are going for a home system style setup and not something like deep freeze

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