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Just thought I'd point this out, it has to be one of the best firmwares out there if you have the supported hardware, which is cheap enough as the Ubiqiuiti Nanostation 2 are easy to get and quite inexpensive. The firmware is called OSWave and you can buy it from http://www.oswave.com/ , you may be asking yourself why would you pay for firmware, well here is the feature list.

Major Features:

* Available frequency range from 2312 MHz to 2732 MHz when operating in 802.11b/g mode (84 selectable channels).

* Available frequency range from 4920 MHz to 6100 MHz when operating in 802.11a mode (236 selectable channels).

* User selectable channel width - 40 MHz, 20 MHz, 10 MHz or 5 MHz for the whole supported frequency range.

* Greatly Improved Wireless Performance.

* 5 GHz spectrum, Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Transmit Power Control (TPC) for European Union compatibility.

* Ability to disable default CSMA Backoff Mechanism to improve performance in areas experiencing noise from other wireless devices.

* Easy yet powerful device WEB management.

* Built in very fast PPPoE Client.

* Built in DHCP Client and Server.

* Powerful QoS and Firewall control.

* Remote and secure access to the Linux shell through SSH.

* Ability to run own startup Bash shell scripts.

* User accesible flash memory partition with content that is preserved between device reboots and powercycles.

* Shell Access to all useful Linux commands, ie. iptables, ebtables, wlanconfig, ifconfig, iwconfig, ping etc.

* High Performance wireless polling protocol running on top of the 802.11 MAC layer which overrides all the shortages of the CSMA/CDMA protocol in outdoor network deployments.

* Point to Point bridge mode with Packet Aggregation capable of moving more than 20.000 packets per second.

* Adaptive Radio (AR/ANI) support which enables stable operation with signal levels as low as -90dBm.

* Highest Grade security with WPA1/WPA2 and WEP 40/128 support.

* Advanced Wireless Options - TX Power, Supported Rates, Antenna Selection and ACK Timeout.

Look at the frequency range, fucking sexy. lol

Well I guess it is Linux but its not free

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$25 isn't too bad and there's a 24 hours free trial as well to play about with it.

Are the Ubiqiuiti Nanostation 2 any good?

everything ubiquiti makes is top shelf. i have a few of their products. the srx 300, the sr71 usb, the ubiquiti router station board with 3 ubiquiti xr2's, and im thinking about getting the pico station, which looks super sick, and uber tiny.

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$25 isn't too bad and there's a 24 hours free trial as well to play about with it.

Are the Ubiqiuiti Nanostation 2 any good?

Yeah I have a few, I think I paid about £45 a piece. I've started using two of them for a point to point link to my Ham Shack at 2.7GHz which is really nice as 2.4GHz is really, really crowded nowadays.

Ubiqiuiti don't make a bad product, there my first stop for most wireless equipment. I picked up two 700MHz and two 900MHz wireless cards for longer range links as 2.4GHz is just not as good for long range stuff.

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Do you know of a UK based supplier?

the ubiquiti site has listings of all their resellers, you can filter them by continent. see if any of their euro locations work for you.

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I'm still looking for a decent supplier, there aren't any in the UK really and it seems that hardly any of them stock a near full range. Plus searching through all the european shops is just painful with all of the languages and all the US shops want >$70 for shipping it seams. Anyone got any recommendations?

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I'm in the same boat, maybe contact the supplier and let them know there Brits with money waiting and nowhere to spend it.

Best I have found so far is Landashop and they are based in Spain, can't get a quote on shipping though without signing up, which I haven't done yet. But I guess it'll be the same as the other european shops which is about $40. One place wanted a €150 charge for orders below €500!

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