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La Fonera Promo Code


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Yah, it was $25.

Gotta say the site is kinda unprofessional tho as far as ordering. I had to send in a question to get my tracking number... still havent got it. Also they seem to REAAALLYYY want you to use paypal (which I didn't use).

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Didn't know you could get a tracking number. I used my code, I ordered another. Dono why :| it will probably just sit there like my other one. Man.. I gotta stop spending money. Darn you internet for making it so easy to spend money!

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I did check out the sd tutorial. I may do that, but only after I have cracked into it and messed around for awhile. Heck it was a suprise to know dd-wrt is made for it, and one good question.. Just in case I want to go the 'legit' route for awhile on the fon, once you activate it, you can still flash the bios back and go the jasager or dd-wrt route eh?

My reasoning for this question is in darren's jasager how-to it specificly says once you open the box ABSOLUTELY do not let it get on the internet until you flash it.

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