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VortexBox for Windows?


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I was just wondering if there was something out there that was like VortexBox, but for a Windows machine.

Any ideas?


There are a lot of media players that rip cds upon insertion, but none that work as the main OS Functionality. You could always run it in a VM though if you don't want to install it natively. Or get an old, original xbox and put it on there.

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Thanks for the link to the comparison table. That will be very helpful.

I have a computer just sitting around (more like 7 sitting around haha) and I was thinking about making a little project for myself and turning it into a music server, just for something to do.


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The best way to run VortexBox in widows is in a vmware session. But it's really designed to tun an old PC into a NAS. Run widows on your desktop then turn an old PC into a VortexBox. An old PC is way more powerful than the NAS boxes they are selling now and it's a lot cheaper. You don't need to know Linux to run VortexBox it's sets everything up for you. You can connect to it from your windows machine.

As a side note VortexBox does not run on XBOX although it makes a great backend server for XBOX Media Center (XBMC). Hope this helps!

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