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Ophcrack vista tables


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You need ntlm tables for starters. The basic tables available can't crack anything beyond basic alphanumeric 5-6 character passwords. You will need to build your own if you want a better table. Unless you're doing pen-testing, really what you need to do is reset it with a password tool. This won't give you the password, just blank it or set it to the one you specify.

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Ophcrack's tables cant be "loaded" as thier GUI foolishy conveys to the user. You put them in a tables directory and select that directory in order to use those tables. Hope that helps clear things up.

Actually... The tables are loaded into memory, hence TMTO. OP, you probably just have to specify which directory your tables are located.

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Yes the tables are loaded in memory, but you cant select a specific table. You just select the directory and it uses any tables located there.

Because the tables are a set... split up so that they can be loaded into memory individually in case there's not enough RAM to hold them all at once.

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