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Anticipating HD

Kung Fu Jesus

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he's got a homebuilt media pc, you can buy that case (which comes with a sweet remote) from newegg, and im sure he's got something to the effect of either a hauppage card in it, and/or a dualtv tuner card (with or without hd, or hdmi out if his video card doenst have it)

damn iv been wanting that setup for sometime now.

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does the remote work well with linux?

Well seeing as I captured the remote codes and built the serial receiver myself, it works great. Much better than any store bought "media center" remote. Running Gentoo, btw.

Oh and Hak5 crew, please if you pick the H.264 spec to encode your HD, don't use the compression settings that most of Rev3 uses. I tried a few out and there are compression artifacts EVERYWHERE :(.


Now I understand the question about the remote. My case (the silverstone) didn't come with that, I bought it off of either newegg or some htpc case website ages ago (you can tell it's an older model by the size, mainly). It didn't come with an IR Receiver or an array of 7ish-seg LED displays either. I have seen those models though. The remote will work without a doubt, the solution they use for an infrared receiver is what the question is. Not a big deal if the infrared receiver doesn't work, of course, because you can build one out of a 4.7uF cap, a 4.7kOhm resistor, a 74l05 (I think that's right) voltage regulator (for about 5v), a diode, and a photo receiver IC specific to work with Lirc on their website. Note: some serial ports work better with lower power infrared IC's than others. I know for a fact that laptops like to reduce the voltage going out of the RS-232 port.

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Yeah I softmodded an Xbox this Christmas season to give as a gift. XBMC is great but imho the xbox isn't powerful enough to decode some video (even some high compression ratio SD), and the output is SD.

The only problems I've ever had was with a broken XviD index which wouldn't let me fast forward or rewind but after playing it in VLC it asked to fix the broken index and it worked fine after that. Maybe try using the T3CH builds next time

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I didn't have issues with many Mpeg-4 format, most of the time I had issues with the uncompressed Mpeg-2 transport streams for the HD video I have. MythTV meets my needs :). Sadly though this episode of Hak5 I wanted to do antialiasing on their faces. Seriously what kind of compression options did you guys use?

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