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tivo hack


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I have a tivo series 1 made for directv and I switched to cable no and I was wondering if there was a hack so it will work with cable

I don't think it's possible, the TiVo has a tuner for DirecTV and records the MPEG transport stream from that - it doesn't have an analog video input with MPEG encoder (like a standalone TiVo does).

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its not analog it digital but I do see where you are coming from and I thought maybe someone has created something so I can flah its firmware and change it as if it wasn't a tivo at all on the soft side

The tuner required for digital cable is different than the tuner for digital satellite. I don't think any kind of software trickery can get around that, I'm pretty sure it would need different tuner(s). (it's too bad you can't use it, it's a shame for a TiVo to go to waste)

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