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OpenOffice 3


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Don't use it. It's too expensive.

I'd recommend buying ultimate!


--- end of ahole mode ---

Dude, you spent more time than a quick try would have taken. You also asked a VERY open source friendly site about an open source project, that's like going to PETA's site and asking about trying a spinach salad.

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Open Office is decent, free, and has lot sof usefull plugins. I especially like the PDF plugin, so you can edit existing PDF files without the need for Acrobat or any adobe software. Plus, no bloat or misc startup crap like with MS Office and Adobe updater. Did I mention its FREE! What do you have to lose? (Don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question, and the answer was NOTHING.)

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I say you try the whole suit, or at least everything you need. I find it great when I boot Ubuntu (witch is _quite_ often). It pretty much demolishes the "unsupported format" problems and it's FREE so there's really no reason not to try it.

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Just to toss my 'me too' in here. Been a fan of OOo since the early early days. Use it exclusively for word processing and presentation work. Keep it on all my machines at home (Mac and Windows) and carry the portable version on one of my thumb drives for when I'm at places where I can't, or don't want to install it. Like at work.


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