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BackTrack3 vs. Damn Vulnerable Linux


Which is good?  

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  1. 1. Which distro do you use ?

    • Backtrack 3
    • Damn Vulnerable Linux
    • Others

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Well, I understood these to be two completely different distributions, with two completely different aims.

DVL aims to be, well, 'damn vulnerable'. The idea is that it should be used as a training distribution, with vulnerabilities built in that you can play with and learn from.

BackTrack is a distribution that is built for people to USE and is not aimed at learners as such.

As to which is 'best', well that kind of depends on what you're planning on doing with it.....

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You can't compare the two, IMHO is't like comparing a hammer and a board. You use Backtrack for Pentesting/ hacking and Damn Vulnerable Linux as a target. You need both types of distros to get anywhere

yes. you pentest your DVL box WITH BT3.

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Well..I'm trying to become one. :blink: :blink: That's why I am here.

Question, test, learn is my motto ;) and I don't mean "Question" as in ask:

Which is best BT3 or DVL ? I would like to know the pros and cons of each distro.Which has the most no. of tools? blink.gif Is there any other distro which is as good?Please suggest good Linux Distros aimed at security and hacking.

I mean question the norm and question the answers... Then research. And then test it yourself.

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