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Hacking Hackers


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People have already tried making automated processes to take down malicious activities (or piracy in the case which I am about to link to).

Revision3 taken down by MediaDefender

As you will read from that article, it isn't a good idea to be attacking the "bad" people, as you might get it wrong.

Also imagine this, a cracker (Malicious hacker incase your definitions aren't up to scratch) takes control of a computer at a small school and uses it to launch attacks against a bunch of people, including your computer. Now your computer see's this, hacks back at the computer and I would assume would do some damage to the system, not only do you cut down on the resources this small INNOCENT school has, but you've also cause damage to data which may cause for the true cracker to get away without being caught.

So although its a great idea, it would be extremely difficult, totally illegal (you have to break the law in order to uphold the law) and in my view immoral due to the probability that any decent hackers would be going through an intermediate system.

Very similar discussion on another website (yes I have basically copied and pasted my response from that website, but it worked here as well)

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I would very much advice against that avenue of approach. An automated system will only catch script kiddies and other lamer's and will get you in troubles with any real hacker who will easily walk over any such system and even turn it against you or use it for their own games potentially land you in troubles with the law.

Instead use a honeypot to gather information, exploits and techniques and if you go to war, do it by hand with crafted attacks against specific targets and be ready to face the jail time when you step over the law

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I tend to think a honeypot approach would be the best solution.


Absolutely. Check out Honeywall for a great free, easy to install honeypot:


Just make sure to keep this in a DMZ or separate Internet connection to keep it TOTALLY off your home network.

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