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can't ping by host name?


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I can't ping google.com from my ubuntu box that I'm sshed into. I pinged it from my WinXP box, got the ip, and then I pinged that ip from ubuntu which worked fine :huh:

no hostnames can be pinged but pinging their ip works fine which might be a real problem because I planning on setting up Apache on it :(

anybody have any idea what could be wrong and/or how I could go about fixing it?

Thanks in advance ;)

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You say the IP address is static and i assume you dont have a GUI to configure network settings.

You can use your preffered text editor but i am going to say "nano" for this.

You will edit your "/etc/resolv.conf" file to change the DNS server

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

There should be entries there called nameserver.

Change them to the IP address of you DNS server(s)


nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XX

nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XX

Once you save the file you should be good to go

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