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New great linux operating systems?


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So i've been using backtrack2 now 3 and I really started using ubuntu back in 7.04 (spent a college semester where I didn't have windows installed lol)

Ubuntu 8.10 with compiz 0.7.8 and a plethora of plugins and I LOVE IT (work at a server consulting company and we use vmware for virtually everything sever related) vmware server2, vmware workstation, and vmware player. Using ubuntu server edition for all servers and ubuntu server edition for mostly all the client servers (we do have a few windows server 2003s and a freenas)

After getting 'good' at using linux and how few restrictions it has... I've been completely amazed/addicted. It's more stable than really any other os, it looks absolutely amazing... and it's free and no licensing to deal with (in the server business it's a MAJOR headache to deal with licensing and making sure everything is legal/legit.) And if i need a windows system just power up a vm. (snapshots <3)

So my main question is What's the 'best' linux system out there right now? I've been using ubuntu and i love it.... but is there something out there that's better? I just switched majors from comp sci (lower paying field) to Electrical engineering.... I want to stay on top of the computers =P

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For server needs I'd stick to CentOS,

For desktop use I'd stick to Fedora

I'm a Redhat fan personally, Don't plan to use Debian.

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my choice of os is ubuntu studio. ive been thoroughly satisfied.

id also suggest fedora

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mine is gentoo but as said earlier, it's all about needs and likes

the best one is that you choose to use, the best one is that you like, the best one is that you feel comfortable with

in the end, they all are the same, at least they all share the same ground base but can differ at implementation level, official packages available, config utilities, filesystem hierarchy scheme (despite fhs)

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