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Phenom FX X4 vs Core 2 Quaq

Bit Hunter

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I am planning to upgrade a computer which is acting as an server. The machine has been running constantly for last 10+ months with some restarts.

Currently it is running on a Intel P4 2.8. I am not experiencing any problems with it, i just want to have Inte-VTx or AMD-V support on it. I know i will get better performance for a server with either a Opteron or Xeon, but they cost to much for my budget. I have chosen two processors; AMD Phenom FX X4 9550, and Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400. The biggest difference between both is L2 cache, Intel has more. The price difference between both is ca. 1200 SEK (AMD is cheaper).

Which one would be better if i would like to run these for next 5+ years (current P4 is in its 6th year)? And what would i have to think about to get a longer life (need the server to be quite, it will be in my bedroom, currently you can hardly hear it)?

PS Will any of these processors will be supported by a 200W PSU [Power Supply Unit]. Going to run integrated graphics, 2 HDD (500GB @ 7200, 40Gb @ 5400), 2 DVD Drives (reader and burner), 4GB RAM (will upgrade to 16GB eventually) to start with.

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You need to think what services does your server will be doing since going to quad core is over kill if you can't utilize the proc you'll be just waiting your money for buying the proc and for paying your electric bills.

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If you want to run it for 5+ years then I would recommend you wait a little until the Core i7 comes down to a price that you can afford, its a big step up, and with that you'll be getting a new socket and DDR3 which will mean that in 3 years when some upgrades are cheap you'll find it a lot easier to do.

Also I hope that PSU is has a good name, otherwise you've been very lucky, I would put money into a new one, skimping on the PSU is a very bad idea in all systems, especially servers.

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I have decided to postpone upgrade for next 10 months, will wait for better i7, talked to some friends and thats what they suggested. The only thing i am missing in my current server is Virtualization support in processor, i guessed that i wouldn't need it anyway.

As for function, it is currently working as NAS, Seedbox, and C++/Erlang develoment station (Virtual Machine).

And as of PSU i will upgrade everything except for the main Chassi. I like mATX for factor (i know it is not optimal).

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