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Hak5 Missile Command


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Wow, what games system is that from? its really accurate

Sega 8-bit Master System.

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I' ve got some ideas for that missile launcher interface... including the ability to quickly and instantly import skins, using directories =3

I' d need some info on the infrastructure of the thing and surrounding website. So I can write the thing properly.

Useful information would be:

- what interface this runs, does it need Java? Or can it use AJAX, PHP or something of the likes?

- how will you import these interfaces? Zip-files, bulk upload, anything else?

Maybe more, in which case you can notify me... :3

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It would be useful if the missile command actually displays how many people are in front of the user, so he can estimate when he can command & conquer :)

qfe - Like a queue to see how many visitors turns before yours, so you know what is going on. Doesn't have to be names or anything like that, just a list like guest# and yours is highlighted a different color than the rest so you know which one is you or just two colums, numbe of users, and then your number in the queue. Once you make a few moves, you go to the end of the queue and your number changes again. Something sort of like "take a number" at the deli and "now serving # so and so" is listed when its your turn.

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