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Have you been to my site prior to reading this?  

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Just need some free advertising. I have two domain names, and they go to the same place

1- http://www.slashwebfilters.com


2- http://www.slash-web-filters.com

Its just a simple site that you can go to to get past your school or office webfilter. Most of the circumventors will be blocked but i keep an up-to-date list of em so there is rarely a time that they are all blocked(at least on BESS). Come check it out, leave some comments in the new forums, chat and do other stuff.


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Well I clicked the link because I wanted a laugh.

As I wasted 5s of my life looking at this website I thought I better right a review of it.

Its Black with Bright Green writing and images in the background that are tiled which are the same green. Which bascially means that you can't read the page. The layout if terrible,

Theres nothing much on the website of interest, i couldn't find the Proxy, just lists of proxies which most of which i have seen in block lists etc. Plus this site is actually already in a block list for the proxy at my school.

Forums are empty, Now just found black text on black background.

I have to think this has got to be in the top 10 of worst websites ever.

Next time you want to shamelessly plug your website on a forum, I would suggest making it a decent website!

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