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How to get Nintendo DS Lite to connect..?

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What are you trying to achieve? If all you want to do is to have your DS connect to an AP then just set up an ordinary AP, if you want to get someone elses DS to connect to Jasager then they would need to have set it up to auto-connect to an AP so that it sends out probes.

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To enable DS to connect to a WiFi AP you'll need a Wifi ready game. When you start up the game it should give you an option for WFC settings, you go in there and configure one of the settings (it gives you an option to configure 3 AP settings) to search for AP and then put in a WEP key (if applicable) and that's basically it. You may have to dumb down the AP to a lower settings.

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Ausom, so i have to delete Jasager for this to work then?

Cant i just set the correct settings in OpenWRT for this to work?

And sorry i dont know what you mean when mentioning "AP"?

I know how to setup WIFI on my DS, but i dont know the hardware inside the DS, and i dont know what protocals it reads, so i havent got a clue what i need to set in my DS to connect, i can search and find the router, it just says its not compatable even though its open!

thanks - Tom

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