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Hey whats up?

I have been a long time viewer of Hak.5 and I love the show. I always like the little tidbits of information that you guys find. I finally got around to visiting the forums and decided to create a username.

A little about me:

I live in IL and I am a computer tech. I have been working on computer systems for a number of years now and love them (even when I hate them :P ). I have donated a few bucks for the Hak.5 HD fund.

I am (not so much anymore) a gamer and have a nice desktop and laptop. Both are Intel's with Nvidia GPU's but I am probably going over to ATI on my next build. I mostly play games @ LAN Parties or with friends online. Other than that I work 2 jobs and freelance.

Anyways just thought I would give an intro and you should see me around and about.

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