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Dual Booting Ubuntu 8.04LTS With Vista SP1


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I decided to dual boot my new vista laptop with ubuntu.

I found this on google: http://apcmag.com/how_to_dualboot_vista_wi...irst.htm?page=3

The problem is they have it to use unpartitioned space, I want to install on vistas backup partition. (Its just a hard drive based backup, I also have it on a set of dvds) How do I install to this instead?


Is there anything I should know so I don't destroy vista while in linux? Because I know while under linux it wouldn't have anything to protect vista. (ex: if your running vista and try to delete an important file or one thats running you cant but if your running another os you could....) (not that I would do that)

Also what are your favorite linux apps?

I plan to install:



open office

What else? I kno anti-virus, media, etc just dunno which to get...


Just so you know I do intend on running it via live cd first to ensure that wifi, dvd-r drive works, etc

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Apps To Name Few:

ubuntu tweak (system tweaks)

virtual box (free vmware by sun)

proftp (ftp server)

xbmc/boxee (great media centers)

amarok (what itunes should be)

vlc (good ol' vlc)

xchat (irc client)

nexuiz (game, fps)

wireshark (fun)


most of these (linked to the ones you cannot) you can install by just typing "sudo apt-get install %appname%" in the shell

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to install on the recovery partition just do this

during the ubuntu install there is a partition editor. set the recovery partitions format to ext2, erase all files on it, make sure you make it your root. after you finish with that just save and continue and it should format the recovery partition for your use.

i did the same thing your trying to do. enjoying ubuntu studio. would enjoy it more if i could connect to the net with it lol.

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Graphics: Compiz, Awn, and some kind of dekslet application i dont know any names but i use Gdesklets

Game: Nexuiz, Warsow, Wormux

Office: Open Office, Abiword (i like this coz it opens quicker)

Browsers: Opera, FF

Irc: Xchat

Pentesting: well theres tons so you decide on that

CD/DVD Burners: Bresero, Gnomebaker, Acid

Moive/Audio Players: Vlc, Amarok, Mplayer, Rhythmbox

Antivirus/Firewall: Clamav, Firestarter

** As for the whole partitioning thing just ask RogueHart ;)

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Xfce4 Appfinder has helped me out alot.

If you want to keep the recovery partition just resize your partition with vista on it. Move your recovery partition behind it and make sure it keeps the same windows drive letter then format the free space to ext2 or what ever and install linux on that.. Grub can boot recovery partitions with a few edits, i did it on an old IBM of mine, but i dont remember how it was done..

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