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Jasager with DD-WRT on the Fon

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I am wondering if it would be possible to run jasager on a fon with ddwrt on it. I am looking into buying a fon and was first interested in making it into a jasager device, but after seeing that you can run ddwrt on it I am now more interested in having a cheap ddwrt device. If I could have both, then all the better. Thanks.

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Im confused. I've been using DD-WRT for quite some time and i thought it was possible to install a ipkg with Jffs enabled.


Ipkg (tutorial)

From DD-WRT Wiki

Brainslayer is working hard to merge the code base of DD-WRT with the OpenWRT firmware. This means that, for the most part, OpenWRT's package management system, ipkg, is available for DD-WRT. This allows for an easy way to add features not already in the DD-WRT firmware. Since ipkg is a command line program, you will need to either Telnet or SSH into your router to run this utility. You also need Jffs enabled.

From the Wiki if you move into the JFFS directory

~# cd /jffs

/jffs # ipkg -d root install <pkg>.

I logged into my spare DDWRT and turned on JFFS and telnet into the little La Fonera which is shows as being enabled.

I might try to run

/jffs # ipkg -d root install http://www.digininja.org/files/jasager-madwifi_1.ipk

Does that look correct?

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If you can get it working on dd-wrt please do a write up on how you did it.

I've not used dd-wrt, not for any reason beyond openwrt does everything I needed and didn't have time to play with alternatives.

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