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The (8E6 R3000) Web Content Filter


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Hello Hak5 Fans

I would just like to get a little incite on this particular web content filter. I have realized that my school's filtering software has changed since it was 3 years ago. Before it was a nice (corny) big stop sign that would say ya da ya da this site has been blocked for so and so dumb reason. Now we get a little blue box saying ya da ya so and so Ip has been blocked. I am not here on the forum to ask you how to get by this just so i can check myspace or something else at school. I am here on this forum so that i will be able to actually read good info about a project or something i am studying and not have it block. Also so that i can view hak5 from time to time in my study halls, and read up on everything new. Currently hak5 is not blocked but it is the beginning of the year and sure enough it will end up soon.

I have been a little interested in just running my own SSH tunnel since i have a great internet connection but that seems to not be working as i planned .....any info please do write. I have also noticed that there has been lots of talk about this filter so i imagine it is good. so just these few question i ask:

1.any information on the filter do write

2.any information on a SSH tunnel(i am running windows xp sp2 which i can leave running all day, also schools running windows xp sp2)

3. Maybe so portable apps that can be run on a flash drive( i do have like 10 of them laying around)

4. if u know of any info on what happens if you do get caught bypassing the filters, least-to-worst trouble

so thats about it i guess, i just wanted to ask around, seems like there are some intelligent hak5 fans here

thanks a bunch :rolleyes:

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Oh boy, another one. Just what I always wanted.

Collect your medical implements at the table in the corner and don't make too much mess.

I understand what your saying, so maybe my topic is not one that should be answered, i realize that this topic has most likely been on the forums before. I just want to say that im not trying to "hack" my school or be some stupid punk, i just want to learn. Thank you for your post.

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All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

But serious, looks around, this has been done to death, you'll also get my thoughts on the topic as well, probably a good number of times.

Ya i have been doing a lot of reading up, even watched the 8e6 flash demo, seems to me like they have pretty much everything covered. Plus there hardware based not the other crappy software ones. But to me i also believe that anything ever made can be beaten, hardware wise or software wise. Its just to the matter of difficulty. thanks again

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