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Multi Boot USB that works in Windows too?


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I was doing my daily stroll around the web, checking to see what all had come out recently, and I came across this:


In a nutshell, it allows you to run a VM (using Qemu) of an ISO from one executable, no install needed, and can be ran from a Thumbdrive (I think qemu can do that by itself, but this is pretty and handles a lot of things for you).

Well, after seeing that, I remembered seeing Mubix's blog post on a DVD that has multiple LiveCDs on it. (It is here for those interested). That would be a good pairing, but then I read down near the bottom where Mubix referenced uNetBootin which lets you boot ISO's from a USB key, if I read that right. I put all this together in my head, and you should be able to create a USB drive that not only can boot from 1 of 10 (or more) Live CDs on it, but then, if you already have a running Windows Machine, you can then run the same Live CDs just on Windows and not even have to reboot.

Just thought I'd share this idea with the people here, and see what others thought about doing this.

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Might have to give this a try. I did have a 4gb flash drive partitioned to 4drives and was booting Knoppix, Helix, Trinity, backtrack2 and used grub as a bootloader. Could be a a new spin on my old flash drive

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